Contributors: Elisa R Laval, Paz González, Andrés Pérez, Eric Uguet de Resayre, Antia Moure, Roberto Marín Lidón, Anna Laura Jesche, Juan Guerrero, Maria Capdevila.

Photography: Jacobo Campos, Nicolas Fuster, Eric Uguet, Lorena Garcia

LORENA GARCIA: Majored in Forest Engineering (University of Santiago de Compostela). In 2002 she moved to Madrid and completed her studies, earning a Master of Gardening and Landscaping (Polytechnic University of Madrid). Over the course of the next 8 years she collaborated with various architecture firms, including: Acebo X Alonso, MTM Arquitectos, Langarita-Navarro, Manuel Ocaña and Flast Arquitectura.

From 2007 until 2011, she worked full-time at Citerea as a asociate and project manager . During this time is part of pop band charades. She also managed to complete a post graduate course on the “Restoration of Historic Gardens, Parks, and Cultural Landscapes” (Superior Technical School of Architecture in Madrid).

In 2011 she founded DPLA (puente alameda landscape architecture research). A firm with base in Los Angeles and Madrid, which explores creative and collaborative designs that address the complexity of the nature processes

Currently, she is lecturing at College of Environmental Design, in Cal Poly Pomona University (LA, CA) and Madrid School of Design in Spain


AEP Asociacion Española de Paisajistas
EFLA European Fundation Landscape Architecture
Le Notre Institute
LALA Group (Landscape Architects in Los Angeles)
Los Angeles Conservancy


2021: Lecture at College of Environmental Design, Cal Poly Pomona, CA
2020: Workshop Geometrias diferentes at DMAD Madrid, SP
2020: Lecture at College of Environmental Design, Cal Poly Pomona, CA
2019: Workshop Geometrias diferentes at DMAD Madrid, SP
2019: Lecture at College of Environmental Design, Cal Poly Pomona, CA
2018: Workshop Geometrias diferentes at DMAD Madrid, SP
2018: Lecture at College of Environmental Design, Cal Poly Pomona, CA
2008-2010: Coordination of post graduate course “Restoration of Historic Garden, Parks, and Cultural Landscapes” (Superior Technical Scholl of Architecture in Madrid, SP


2017: Parque  de San Javier,  San Javier, Murcia  [1er  accesit]
2015: Sunset Headquarters by Thomas Church, Menlo Park, San Mateo County California [1st prize HALS CHALLENGE -ASLA]
2014: La Rosaleda, A Coruña, Spain,   [special mention of the jury]
2014: Metis Festival Garden, Quebec, Canada 
2014: Allariz Festival Garden. Ourense, Spain
2012: Three Parks, Torrelodones, Spain 
2012: Lausanne´s Festival Garden, Lausanne, Switzerland 
2010: Belloch Park, Lleida, Spain
2005: Roa de Duero Square, Burgos, Spain
2004: Chamount Sur Loire Festival, France

Residential Garden
2020: Hayvenhurst, Encino, CA
2019: Valleybrink, Los Angeles, CA
2019: Avalon st, Los Angeles, CA
2019: A&C, Pasadena, CA
2017: VDO II, Los Angeles, CA
2017: Del Norte Garden, Los Angeles, CA 
2016: Congosto Gardens, Congosto, León, Spain
2016: Mission St, Los Angeles, CA
2015: Via de las Olas, Los Angeles, CA 
2014: Kamaroti Hotel Gardens, SIfnos, Greece
2012: Balcony in Sagasta, Madrid, Spain
2011: Allegue Garden, Madrid, Spain

Urban Development - Commercial-
2018: Urbanizacion Allonbay, Villajoyosa, Spain
2017: Golden Mountain Bay, Plan, Yantai, China
2017: Urbanizacion Nature, Alicante, Spain
2017: Del Norte House Development, Los Angeles, CA
2017: Wonderland House Development, Los Angeles, CA
2016: Outdoor Costa Mesa Plaza, Cosa Mesa, CA
2014: Kamaroti Hotel Gardens, SIfnos, Greece

Collaboration with MEGT TERRA landscape architecture
2017: Hollywood Residential Garden, Los Angeles, CA
2017: Appian House, Los Angeles, CA
2017: Corona del Mar Residential Garden, Los Angeles, CA
2017: Franklin Rediential Garden, Los Angeles, CA
2016: Vyneyard, CA
2016: Costa Mesa Plaza, Costa Mesa, OC, CA
2016: Palos Verdes Residential Garden, Los Angeles, CA
2016: Harbor Residential Garden, Los Angeles, CA
2015: N Bentley, Los Angeles, CA
2015: Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA
2015: Coperto, Los Angeles, CA
2015; Roku Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

Collaboration with Flast Architecture
2019: Museo Reina Sofia Master Plan
2016: LLopis Garden, Madrid, Spain
2014: Valdefresnos Garden, Madrid, Spain-
2012: Marín Garden, Pontevedra, Spain

Collaboration with Citerea, dir by Ana Luengo (IFLA Vice-President for Europe)
2011: Roof Garden in Velazquez St, Madrid, Spain
2011: The Recalde Palace, Bergara, Spain
2010: The Royal Manzanares Castle, Madrid, Spain
2009: Gabriel Miró Square, Madrid, Spain
2008: Cigarral de las Mercedes, Toledo, Spain
2007: El Encin Golf Course, Alcalá de Henares, Spain
2004: Prado Museum Roof Garden, Madrid, Spain

Collaboration with Langarita+Navarro Architecture
2010: Garden of Intermediae-Prado, Madrid, Spain
2008: Almunia Park, Almunia de Doña Godina, Spain
2008: The Movie, Spanish Pavilion 11th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale de Venezia 2008

Collaboration with AceboxAlonso Architecture
2011: Sprew Urban Space, La Coruña, Spain
2007: Biodiesel Factory Garden, Vigo, Spain 
2007: Vars House, Madrid, Spain
2004: Cuña Verde Park, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Collaboration with MTM Archittecture
2010: Cebada Square, Madrid Spain
2009: UAM Square, Madrid, Spain
2008: Sport City III, Madrid, Spain
2007: Pormetxeta Square, Bilbao, Spain
2006: Los Fresnos Cultural Center, Madrid, Spain

Collaboration with Manuel Aymerich Arq-
2006: Estrella de Izar housing development, León, Spain 
2005: Green areas for the PAU El Cañaveral, Madrid, Sp
2005: Monte Tabor School, Madrid, Spain
2004: Torrelodones Comercial Park, Madrid, Spain
2004: Restricted competition for the design of the gardens of Caja España Bank, León, Spain [first award]

Collaboration with Manuel Ocaña Architecture 
2005: Levante Park 1, Córdoba, Spain
2005: Levante Park 2, Córdoba, Spain

Collaboration ATP Paisajismo 
2005: The Wall Park, Sevilla, Spain [thrid award]-
2004: Concepción Park, Sevilla, Spain[thrid award]-
2004: Urban Gardening, Majadahonda, Spain.